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Benefits of Designer Kids Clothing NI


Designer clothing brands have grown in popularity over recent years and parents are forgetting about the high street stores. When purchasing outfits for your kids it’s important that they feel comfortable and that their outfits won’t wear and tear after play dates with their friends.

Rascals supplies a range of designer kids clothing NI that are durable and friendly to the environment. Investing in designer brands will have many benefits for kids and their parents from durable materials to complete comfort no matter the occasion.

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Quality clothing lasts longer

Purchasing designer clothing for your kids is a great investment as they will last longer than most of the outfits you buy from high street stores. This is because designer brands are made from quality materials that won’t fall apart after they are worn a few times.

Kids spend most of their time outdoors with friends and after a day of play, they may come home with dirt on their clothes and even some wear and tear. However, with designer clothing brands you don’t have to worry about rips in jeans or holes in t-shirts. Customers know what to expect when purchasing these brands and are given peace of mind that they won’t have to keep buying new clothes after a couple of weeks.

Ethical Clothing Brands

Fast fashion has increased over the past few years due to high street shopping. These clothes are cheap to buy and are quick to make. With these cheaper clothing brands we often aren’t aware of where they source their materials and how their production is damaging our environment.

Kid’s sustainable designer brands such as Kite and Frugi are kinder to the environment and are able to make quality clothing by making better choices when sourcing their materials. Investing in designer clothing brands will give you a better idea of where your kid’s clothing is coming from and lasts longer, making them better for the environment.

Comfortable To Wear

Comfort is one of the most important things to consider before purchasing clothing.

Kids won’t wear clothes that feel uncomfortable, itchy or will hold them back from playing with their friends.

Designer clothing brands only use high-quality materials that are soft and comfortable to wear and offer a great long lasting fit.

Suitable For All Occasions

Choosing kid’s clothing to suit all types of occasions can be a challenge. Kid’s want to feel comfortable when playing at a friend’s party or attending a family event without their outfits holding them back from joining in on the fun.

It’s important to remember that kid’s care about the clothes they wear and how it makes them look. Designer clothing brands are trendy and comfortable which will help your kids to feel their best when playing with friends or attending a special occasion.


sustainable designer kids clothing in NI

Rascals Range of designer kids clothing ni

Rascals understand the importance of designer kids clothing NI and how they will offer benefits to both kids and their parents. This is why we choose to stock quality designer brands in our store that are long lasting, comfortable and are perfect for every occasion.

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