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BENEFITS OF SWITCHING To children’s Designer clothes ni

Designer clothing has been growing in popularity in recent years. Parents are switching from their usual high street brands and investing their money in buying sustainable and durable clothing. Before purchasing outfits for your children there are a number of important factors to consider. These include comfort, sustainability, durability and if they can be worn on all occasions.

At Rascals, we have a range of children’s designer clothes NI in store, including Frugi and Kite, that will meet the different needs of parents and their children.


Comfortable children's designer clothing NI
Where to buy children's designer clothes NI

Suitable For All Activities

As children spend most of their days playing outside with their friends, clothing can become dirty and may face wear and tear overtime. However, with designer clothing you don’t have to worry about finding holes in jeans or tears in jumpers after an exciting play date!

As these brands use quality materials in the production of their clothing, they are durable and will last longer compared to cheaper brands.


Friendly To The Environment

Fast fashion has increased dramatically in recent years as it has made shopping for clothes more affordable. However, this has had a negative effect on our environment as fashion production makes up 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions, dries up water sources, and pollutes rivers and streams.

Designer brands make careful choices when sourcing their materials and unlike brands from the high street stores, designer clothing will last longer and won’t need to be replaced after several washes.

Sustainable children's designer clothing NI
Benefits of Designer Children's Clothes NI

Comfort is key

Nowadays children want to have a say in the clothing they wear as they want to feel comfortable and avoid materials that will irritate their skin. Designer clothing brands are made from high-quality materials that are kinder to skin and have a comfortable fit that will last for longer.

Choosing designer brands will allow your children to feel happy in their outfits and will provide comfort when playing with friends or attending events.

Perfect For Every Occasion

Preparing for a special occasion can be stressful for parents, especially when choosing outfits for children. Whether it is a birthday party, a wedding or family event you want to make sure your children are dressed to impress. Rascals have a range of designer children’s clothing NI that are suitable for all occasions.

When choosing these outfits it’s important to make sure that your child isn’t restricted when playing with friends or running about the dance floor. Designer brands are made from quality materials that are comfortable to wear and are kind to skin. This means that your child can enjoy their day out without itching or fidgeting with tight collars or oversized bows.



Children blowing bubbles at wedding

Rascals Children’s Designer Clothes NI

Shopping for children’s clothing can be a difficult task for parents. Children want to wear clothes that will help them to express their personalities and are following current fashion trends. Designer clothing is an investment for parents that will help to save money and protect the environment.

At Rascals we have a range of children’s designer clothing NI from a range of quality brands. Our clothing is high quality, comfortable and will help your children to feel confident.


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